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11. January 2009

Windows 7 Installation and Hands on with Screenshots

Yesterday i downloaded Windows 7 beta. I wanted to have a look and hands on to the Microsoft newest OS. There is already a buzz that this version of Windows is far more better than Windows Vista . The download link was down for some some hours because of sudden rush in the Beta release download from Microsoft servers . It got reopened and i didn’t miss the chance. You can also download Windows 7 beta from official Windows website . It will just require your hotmail ( live or passport ) ID. The download size is 2.44 GB i got that image done in 3 hrs or so. There are number of demo videos at Windows 7 official site for a sneak peek. 

At first look i liked the Windows 7. Its the best Windows from Microsoft. The clear changes that can be seen when i first saw the desktop screen is the task bar . Task bar has been reinvented in Windows 7. There is no such thing like quick launch menu. Instead you can “Pin” and then “Unpin” any program you like in the task bar. System tray is also given a face lift. I really didn’t like the thick Task bar but i hope its configurable by the user. I just used Windows 7 for some half an hour after the installation before writing this. I also sent feedback to Microsoft for my dissatisfaction over the thick task bar.

The second thing i noticed in that half an hour is the Sidebar Gadgets are now no longer “Sidebar Gadgets” now they can come out of the side and remain anywhere in the desktop.

One great improvement for an immediate notice is when you right click anywhere in the desktop. In vista i never liked the mouse going to busy pointer for little interval before it displayed right click options ( that made me and many others think vista is too slow ). but now in Windows 7 right click option shows up immediately without the mouse going to busy pointer. 🙂

Third change i noticed is a little space at the bottom right corner of the Desktop . On clicking it shows up the Desktop with transparent overlay windows that were open.

These are the immediate changes i noticed

There is a snippet tool which makes the job of taking screenshot and editing it very useful and easy.

Connecting to network is a lot easy . Control panel misses the classic display but has another better alternative something like “show all item”.
one thing i noticed ( kind of incosistency ) is the behavior of busy mouse pointer . I saw XP styled busy pointer once but later i never saw it . I only saw Vista styled ( circular ring ) busy pointer .

Another thing i noticed is there is no option to Change background image from desktop righ click menu when default theme is active in the Windows 7.

So below are the steps i did to get Windows 7 on my box from downloading to hands on. There are number of screenshots gallery for your viewing pleasure 😉 

Click on any image for its bigger resolution Image

1. First i downloaded windows 7 beta .iso ( DVD image file from Windows 7 site )



2. Burnt the .ISO file to a DVD ( 2.44 GB of .ISO file )

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28. December 2007

10 Worst Tech Products of 2007

These are the 10 worst Tech Products according to Yahoo.

Would you be surprised to learn that a certain Windows upgrade made the list? Behold the worst tech of the year, including a pair of $7,250 speaker cables, ad-riddled video downloads that expire after a week, a much-hyped TV set-top box that’s dying on the vine, and more.So here we go…in alphabetical order:

Apple TV: Apple’s foray into the living room seemed like a no-brainer, and this HDMI-packing, Wi-Fi- and Ethernet-enabled set-top box looked like a sure-fire success. From the beginning, however, Apple TV was hamstrung by the meager movie selection (and now dwindling selection of TV shows) on iTunes, plus the fact that you can’t browse or buy videos directly over the box. Even worse, Apple seems to have lost interest in its home theater “hobby,” with a full six months passing since the last Apple TV software update. Short of a sudden infusion of new features, look for this once-promising box to go the way of iPod Hi-Fi.

iPod Battery Replacement Kit: One of the chief complaints I hear about the iPod (and the iPhone, for that matter) is that the battery is sealed in the casing, with Apple adding insult to injury by charging $60 to replace out-of-warranty iPod batteries (or $86 for the iPhone). So here’s Blue Raven’s $30 iPod battery replacement kit, which consists of a new battery, a tiny screwdriver, and a plastic thingy that looks like a mini crowbar (similar kits are available for the iPhone). I tried it with my old iPod, and I replaced the battery all right, but I also managed wreck the crummy plastic tool and scratch the heck out of my once-shiny iPod in the process. Next time I want to scratch up my gadgets, I’ll save $30 and use my own little screwdriver, thanks very much.

Microsoft Surface: Unveiled in May with great fanfare, Microsoft’s jaw-dropping Surface computer—a touch-sensitive tabletop PC that immediately invited comparisons to Tom Cruise’s mid-air dragging-and-dropping in “Minority Report”—whipped the tech press into a frenzy of excitement. But scratch Surface and you’ll something a little shy of elegant, including a full-on Vista PC and five (count ’em, five) motion-detecting cameras mounted beneath the 30-inch touch-sensitive sheet. Oh, and then there’s the $5,000-to-$10,000 price tag. And of course, in true Microsoft fashion, the first Surface systems (intended primarily as kiosks in retail and hospitality venues) have reportedly been delayed until spring. Something tells me it’ll be a long, long time before we see these babies in our living rooms.

NBC Direct: Give NBC credit for trying a little of everything when it comes to online video, but here’s a service that’s got a few too many restrictions for comfort. Yes, you can download full, free episodes of shows like “Heroes” and “The Office,” but you have to sit through commercials, and you can’t transfer shows to a portable player or another PC, and the videos won’t work on a Mac…and the shows expire in a week, rendering the files unwatchable. Great.

Palm Foleo: It was a two-pound sub-notebook—sorry, smartphone companion—that was supposed to connect to your phone via Bluetooth and let you type emails, surf the Web, and edit documents with a full-size keyboard and screen. As I’ve written before, the Foleo might be a good idea in a decade or so, when our supercharged smartphones become our primary computing devices. But when it was announced in June, reviewers dog-piled on the Foleo, complaining that the $500 gadget would be just another device we’d have to lug around. Smelling a flop, Palm benched the Foleo before it ever saw the inside of a store.

Pear Audio “Anjou” speaker cable: I’m sure this pair of 12-foot speaker cables sounds just fine—but the $7,250 price tag puts it in contention for tech rip-off of the year.

Ringles: The big music labels still think the CD can be saved, and the “ringle”—a a $5.98-to-$6.98 bundle of three songs, plus a ringtone, all in an eye-catching slip cover—was the latest in a line of painfully sad attempts to lure us back into brick-and-mortar music stores. Last time I checked, however, CD sales were still tanking.

SunRocket VoIP: More of a service than a gadget, mind you, but still one of the biggest tech debacles of the year (and one, as many readers pointed out, that I should have mentioned in my recent “10 Tech Train Wrecks” post). SunRocket was, in fact, a perfectly fine VoIP service—that is, until July 16, 2007, when the financially strapped company abruptly closed its doors and disconnected tens of thousands of customers without warning. Well, that’s one way of handling customer service.

Windows Vista: Where to begin? Vista arrived in stores months late, forced untold thousands of users to upgrade their hardware, made mincemeat of software and drivers that worked perfectly well in XP, ended up lacking many of the bold-faced features we’d been promised, and came saddled with new and annoying set of video DRM schemes. At least Vista now boasts an option for downgrading back to XP. (Now, before you Mac fanboys out there begin gloating, let me remind you that Leopard shipped a full six months late, and that many users are still suffering from sluggish, buggy systems after upgrading.)

Wireless USB: Just imagine it—the convenience of USB, without all the wires. Sounds awesome! Too bad the first examples of Wireless USB technology have fallen flat. Case in point: the IoGear Wireless USB Hub & Adapter, a device that’s supposed to deliver speedy wireless connectivity within a range of about 30 feet. Reviewers took a crack at the $200 IoGear hub (including our own Chris Null) suffered slow and spotty connections from only a few feet away, and promptly went back to their old, but reliable, USB cables. Wireless USB may well be the wave of the future, but “future” is the key word.


And here are the best 10


08. November 2007

Samsung G600 – The Image Concious Mobile 5 MPix Mobile

I love to get this 5 MPix Phone . The specifications are also amazing

Samsung G600 Specifications & Features

2.2 Inch TFT 16 Million Colour Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)

5 Megapixel Camera
Auto Focus
Camera Modes
Photo Settings
Video Player
Video Record
Photo Caller ID

SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Predictive Text

Music Player
Stereo FM Radio
Polyphonic & MP3 Ringtones
Downloadable Ringtones
Vibration Alert

Javaâ„¢ Embedded Games
Downloadable Games

To Do List
Mobile Printing
Call Management
TV Out
Handsfree Speaker Phone

Bluetooth® A2DP

Quad Band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)

NetFront HTML

Memory & Talk Time
55 Mbytes plus MicroSDâ„¢ Memory Card Option
3.5 Hours Talk Time
300 Hours Standby

Weight & Size
102 x 47.8 x 14.9 mm


The Samsung G600 site has loads more! ..


1.Vote for Queue Jumpers with The Samsung G600 5 Mega Pixel Camera Phone from our gallery of 300 image-concious UK clubbers. All contestants have been selected by the nations finest Door Pickers from acrosss the country and shot with the amazing Samsung G600 5 megapixel camera. The fifteen individuals with the most votes will each win the hottest, most talked about mobile model this season: The Samsung G600

What’s more, from the 22nd-31st October 2007, the fifteen Queue Jumper gallery winners will be joined by fifteen winners from our G600 Queue Jumper application poll on Facebook – The thirty winners will then be entered into a grand final, where one lucky Queue Jumper will win an amazing modelbook and photoshoot managed by one of Europes leading model agencies Independent Talent worth £10,000

2.Also check out the Samsung G600 Top thrity guide to the most uber stylish clubs in the UK.

3.Take a glance at the features and specs of the most stylish phone of 2007, the Samsung G600 slim slider 5 megapixel camera phone

15. October 2007

Floating Bridge in Dubai

  • The Floating Bridge project is part of an integrated system the RTA is implementing that will reduce the traffic congestion by 37 per cent on Al Maktoum Bridge, on which more than 150,000 vehicles pass each day.
  • The number of lanes that cross Dubai Creek will increase from 19 to 38 lanes by 2007 and to 45 lanes by 2008.
  • The Authority has completed a study conducted on 10 highly congested areas and will work on measures to ease the congestion in these areas.
  • The Floating Bridge, a first-of-its-kind project in the UAE, will be built out of 20-metre-wide hollow concrete blocks that will float on water.
  • The rolling segment of the bridge allows the bridge to open and close at intervals of 20 minutes. These opening and closing times will be set in coordination with the authorities regulating the movement of ships and ferries crossing Dubai Creek.
  • Ferries will have a side-way passage that will not require the opening and closing of the bridge.

Floating bridge

Floating bridge

Floating bridge

Floating bridge

Floating bridge

11. October 2007

Yamaha Tesseract Concept 2


09. September 2007

A Technology site Review –

I have found a relatively new blog named Technology Goal which has been started since july 2007 . At first glace it took some time to load the website but it was worth the wait time.

Being just launched this site already has 43 technorati authorities and ranks within top 200K sites according to Alexa. I enjoyed every posts from this site. It is all about technology . I am quite happy with the content but i have some suggestions regarding the site layout

1. It is aligned to left ( would be better if it is center aligned )

2. Too many ads ( those may not perform well for a starting blog )

3. Ads by google text links are long so that they are coming out from blog layout.

4. Too many people in blogcatalogue and mybloglog widgets ( the face sizes shall be little bigger )

5. Navigation buttons like “Home” ( which is most important ) is missing.

6. “About Us” page is emptly.

7. Instead of displaying alexa widget in every post it could be placed in sidebar

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