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18. January 2009

Google Error – We are Sorry

So today i was using google and clicked on the “cached” link to see the google cache of my search result and to my surprise what i see is a Google Error which says ” We are sorry  but your query looks like similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application….. blah blah… ” 

Google called me spyware/virus πŸ™ . And i am sure my computer didn’t have any spyware or virus because its my office computer which is protected very well ( i have not had any problem in my computer since more than 2 years ) . Google help says 

In a nutshell

  • This message appears when Google detects automated querying coming from your IP address, thus causing a quick spike in traffic on
  • The error page most likely displays a captcha (a squiggly word with a box below it). To continue using Google, type the squiggly word into the box. The captcha image helps us determine whether traffic is coming from automated robot software or individual users.

I dont know whats wrong. 

Google Sorry Error

10. January 2009

Something wrong at ETS?

In case you are wondering what ETS ( Education Testing Service ) . It is a organisation which takes various tests like ( TOEFL, GRE etc. ). So today i wanted to send my TOEFL score to a University and after i provided my credit card number and pressed Submit what is see is this. And no its not because of Chrome. It also happened in IE 8. And yes it was done when i used Firefox 3.0.2 . Or it was due to ETS server problem and not because of browsers?

“This document requires a larger secret key size for encryption than your browser is capable of supporting”


23. November 2008

NullPointerException — CitiBank Fail !!!!

Citibank is one of the Best banks in the world. Yesterday i was trying to pay my Mobile bill online using Citibank Gateway and what is see is this infamous NullPointerException πŸ˜‰ .

27. October 2008

HP Touchsmart PC is Undefined.

This is the screen i saw today in HP touchsmart all in one PC site. But i checked the site again after some time seemed the site is fine. May be they fixed it later. Click to enlarge the Image

24. September 2008

The Remote desktop sharing Loop

I was sharing my screen with my friend in US using the free remote desktop sharing tool Yuuguu. Well the name of this tool is quite weird i dont know why its called so. Its yugu with double u’s πŸ™‚ . Below is the screenshot of how the screen looked when both of us were trying to see each other’s screen . Quite a good loop.  Click on the image to enlarge it .

Yuuguu loop

03. September 2008

Google Chrome is Bloated

Google’s own open source browser Google Chrome released today. I downloaded it and had a good browsing experience . I opened some of the sites and those are being displayed fine . The browser seems quite light while using but in real its not the light browser . Seeing at the installed file size its the most bloated browser i have ever seen . Google Chrome is taking near about 64 MB of space . This much of data was downloaded when i was installing the browser online . Thanks to my 2 Mbps connection otherwise it would take lot of time just to install . Mozilla firefox is taking just 24 MB of hard drive space . The internet explorer size inside the vista Program files folder is just 3 MB ( amazing but i dont belive this . Some other files must have been put somewhere else by windows ) . Opera browser takes just 13 MB of hard disk space in windows .

Download size of Opera browser is just 8.5 MB and that of Mozilla firefox is just 7.8 MB . But Google’s browser download size is 64 MB . And Google Chrome needs you to be online to install the software . There is no standalone install package file for Google Chrome browser . I hope Google will reduce their browser size and release a stadalone install package when Google Chrome gets out of Beta.

I have a plugin installed in my blog which detects Commentators Browser name , OS they are using and Country . But i made a test comment using Google Chrome , from using WIndows Vista . Its normal that the plugin will not identify the browser but what about the operation system its showing me Mac OS X . Is it that Google chrome is emulating Mac OS X when it runs in Windows ? and Oh what the browser uses Safari like base ?

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