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21. January 2009

Converting PDF to Image file

Yesterday i was trying to convert one of the PDF document to Image file . And as usual the process began with Google search for “how to convert PDF document to Image ( jpg ) file “. Google made our life easier ( not actually google its us who are making each others life easier sharing thing we know and Google is just a facilitator ) . I usually dont think much and put my logic before i go to Google and search for the things i dont know . This is bad.. after spending about an hour i didn’t get perfect solution . and later i got my mind working . 

The key was “Snap too” which is built-in feature in Adobe Reader . Snap too takes the snap ( picture of the selected part of the document ) and saves that in clipboard which can be pasted anywere ( photoshop , paint, word etc. ) . Since my PDF docuement was just three paged i just used snap tool thrice ( for each page ) . But this trick wouldn’t be of good use if the document is having many pages.

Anywasy my job was done 🙂 


11. January 2009

Windows 7 Installation and Hands on with Screenshots

Yesterday i downloaded Windows 7 beta. I wanted to have a look and hands on to the Microsoft newest OS. There is already a buzz that this version of Windows is far more better than Windows Vista . The download link was down for some some hours because of sudden rush in the Beta release download from Microsoft servers . It got reopened and i didn’t miss the chance. You can also download Windows 7 beta from official Windows website . It will just require your hotmail ( live or passport ) ID. The download size is 2.44 GB i got that image done in 3 hrs or so. There are number of demo videos at Windows 7 official site for a sneak peek. 

At first look i liked the Windows 7. Its the best Windows from Microsoft. The clear changes that can be seen when i first saw the desktop screen is the task bar . Task bar has been reinvented in Windows 7. There is no such thing like quick launch menu. Instead you can “Pin” and then “Unpin” any program you like in the task bar. System tray is also given a face lift. I really didn’t like the thick Task bar but i hope its configurable by the user. I just used Windows 7 for some half an hour after the installation before writing this. I also sent feedback to Microsoft for my dissatisfaction over the thick task bar.

The second thing i noticed in that half an hour is the Sidebar Gadgets are now no longer “Sidebar Gadgets” now they can come out of the side and remain anywhere in the desktop.

One great improvement for an immediate notice is when you right click anywhere in the desktop. In vista i never liked the mouse going to busy pointer for little interval before it displayed right click options ( that made me and many others think vista is too slow ). but now in Windows 7 right click option shows up immediately without the mouse going to busy pointer. 🙂

Third change i noticed is a little space at the bottom right corner of the Desktop . On clicking it shows up the Desktop with transparent overlay windows that were open.

These are the immediate changes i noticed

There is a snippet tool which makes the job of taking screenshot and editing it very useful and easy.

Connecting to network is a lot easy . Control panel misses the classic display but has another better alternative something like “show all item”.
one thing i noticed ( kind of incosistency ) is the behavior of busy mouse pointer . I saw XP styled busy pointer once but later i never saw it . I only saw Vista styled ( circular ring ) busy pointer .

Another thing i noticed is there is no option to Change background image from desktop righ click menu when default theme is active in the Windows 7.

So below are the steps i did to get Windows 7 on my box from downloading to hands on. There are number of screenshots gallery for your viewing pleasure 😉 

Click on any image for its bigger resolution Image

1. First i downloaded windows 7 beta .iso ( DVD image file from Windows 7 site )



2. Burnt the .ISO file to a DVD ( 2.44 GB of .ISO file )

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27. March 2008

Uninstalling Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Stalls !

I have windows Vista as my primary OS on my PC. Some days back i installed Windows Service pack 1 which was just released then . To be honest i didn’t buy Windows Vista because i frequently change my OS from Windows XP , Linux , Windows Vista , now i m loving Apple Mac Leopard X . To bypass the activation i had used stoptimer crack so that i didn’t have to register the windows vista and the 30 days trial remain 30 days always .But it was till i installed Vista service pack 1 .

Unistall stalled

I thought i will get back the 30 days stoptimer thing back if i uninstall Service pack because stoptimer only worked on the fresh windows vista install ( as i had tried it after someday i had newly installed vista it was not able to stop the 30 days timer though i am not sure if this is same for everyone ). This was also because while installing service pack 1 i had noticed windows vista had taken a system restore point .It was a pain uninstalling service pack 1. Vista service pack has three stages . Two are installed/uninstalled at the right time u initiate it but the 3rd one requires a reboot . I got stuck in the 3rd one. First two got uninstalled within half an hour but the third took more than 2 hrs for me and it was just 93% after some 2 hrs . i couldn’t wait to see it uninstalling so slowly and restarted my PC but then again it was the same it was again slow . Firstly it had stopped in 84% for more than 15 minutes after the PC restarted it again stopped at 84% and then again the story was same. I am thinking of putting this uninstall thing while i am going for sleep . Then after only i will be able to see the Timer thing if its stalled at 30 days which was my sole purpose of uninstalling the Vista service pack 1.

14. February 2008

How to sort Gmail messages by Read/Unread

All of us must have noticed that there is no such thing like sort mails by Read/Unread in Gmail ( at least i didn’t find it ) as compared to YahooMail. There is a simple trick we can do so .


Just type “is:unread” in the search box of gmail at the top to only see unread mails or “is:read” to only see read mails.


03. September 2007

Unfortunately You cant Have folder structure exceeding 260 Character in Windows XP

Today at my work i found out a very weird thing. It took me some hours to identify that this was the Windows XP limitation. Actually My project has long nested  folder hierarchy ( Organised java Packages ) . Today i faced problem that i couldn’t create a .java file in a package which had a long hierarchy and along with the .java file name it was exceeding 260 character limit and some kind of error was thrown. Later i found it was not my mistake but was a Windows XP limitation.

For Example say you have folders inside folder inside folder…. then a file. like C:\LongFolderName\LongFolderName\LongFolderName…..\afileName and if this exceeds 260 total character u will not be able to create the file name.

or else try creating a txt file having file name which is 260 character long. You wont be able to create it.

At the end of the day i was little happy and relieved but little tensed that i have to change the package names ( or remove some of them ) or put my project folder in C:\ .

I dont know how many of you knew this but i found it worth sharing.

17. August 2007

List of Proxy sites to use from Office/Work

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