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27. October 2008

HP Touchsmart PC is Undefined.

This is the screen i saw today in HP touchsmart all in one PC site. But i checked the site again after some time seemed the site is fine. May be they fixed it later. Click to enlarge the Image

06. May 2008

MotherBoard as a Cooker ;-) !

Click on the Images to Enlarge

Hot MotherBoard as cooker

Hot MotherBoard as cooker

Hot MotherBoard as cooker

Hot MotherBoard as cooker

Hot MotherBoard as cooker

Hot MotherBoard as cooker

Hot MotherBoard as cooker

Hot MotherBoard as cooker

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28. April 2008

3 Screened Laptop.





07. November 2007

Why Do Ink Cartridges Cost So Much?

I always had a question in my mind that “How come, with printer prices falling, ink prices are still so outrageous?”. Today i did little bit of Search ( Google ,Yahoo, Live Search ) over the internet to find the reason.

I found this great article which illustrates the reason very clearly . Here are some other few interesting things that i found. In fact one of my good friend who used to be my classmate while we did Electronics Engineering is working for a company that makes Printers . And he says they make more money by selling Ink for the printers they make than the money they actually make by selling their first line product “Printers”.

Ink jet and toner cartridges are fanning angry sparks in the ink cartridge replacement market–a $21 billion field, according to Lyra Research.

Consumers are annoyed at the price of authorized replacement ink cartridges, and tempted by third-party substitutes that don’t always work flawlessly.

The major vendors, including Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, and Lexmark, are at odds with independent manufacturers of alternative inks. In fact, some big vendors are suing third-party makers of cartridge clones for alleged patent violations. Meanwhile, second-tier ink cartridge makers say they simply offer consumers a choice–at prices that are sometimes 75 percent below what major vendors charge.

The Real Cost

The printer supplies industry has adopted the practice of cell phone and razor blade sellers: Charge low prices for initial equipment, then make money from ongoing fees for additional needed components. Vendors sell consumer printers at cost, or even sometimes at a 20 percent loss, say financial analysts at Bear Sterns who track Epson and HP. But on the flip side, both firms earn a 60 percent gross margin on ink jet and toner cartridges, says Bill Hand, financial analyst with Bear and Stearns.

Those numbers are not exactly true, the vendors say. HP does make money on its printer hardware, according to Pradeep Jotwani, senior vice president of imaging supplies. In a prepared statement, Epson says that it “makes a reasonable profit on both” printer hardware and ink.

Still, consumers grouse about the “give away the razor and sell the blades” business model. Hence, the birth of a market for recyclers to refill used cartridges, or sell cartridge clones at half the price of the brand-name items.

I found a good site in the meantime which provides ink cartridges and toner cartridges. And if you are in UK ( being a UK site ) it has Free UK Delivery . I found lots of brand of ink Cartridges in this site and gained knowledge too.



02. August 2007

Computer printers as harmful as cigarettes: Aussie scientists

Beware, computer users! Your office printer could be posing as much danger to your lungs as a drag on a cigarette, according to Australian scientists.
After an investigation, researchers from Queensland University of Technology have revealed that some laser printers emit potentially dangerous levels of tiny toner-like materials in the air which could harm one’s lungs.
These ultra-fine particles are capable of infiltrating the lungs and causing lasting damage on the scale of inhaled cigarette smoke, ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ quoted researcher Prof Morawska as saying.
According to her, These (printer) particles are tiny like cigarette smoke particles and, when deep inside the lung, they do the same amount of damage.The health effects from inhaling ultra-fine particles depend on particle composition, but the results can range from respiratory irritation to severe illness such as cardiovascular problems or cancer.”
The conclusion came after the university’s International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health examined 62 printers and found that 17 were highparticle emitters. The study, published in the American Chemical Society’s Environment Science and Technology journal, found indoor particle levels in the office air increased five-fold during work hours due to printer use.
Printers emitted more particles when the toner cartridge was new, and when printing graphics and images as they require greater quantities of toner, Morawska was quoted.

16. July 2007

Things We Like to know about Computing.

The term ‘computer’ originally referred to a person who performed numerical calculations, often with the help of a mechanical calculating device.


What distinguishes modern day computers from all other machines is that they can be programmed. To put it simply, a program or a list of instructions can be given to the computer, which stores the program, and executes it at a later point in time.
Early electronic computers were actually about the size of a large room, and used about as much power as that of several hundred computers put together.

Today, most people think ‘personal computer’ or ‘laptop computer’ when they think computer. However, in actuality, the most common form of computer in use today is the ’embedded computer’, which is a small device used to control other devices.


The distinction of being the first portable computer goes to the ‘Xerox NoteTaker’, developed at Xerox PARC in 1976. The first commercially available portable computer was the ‘Osborne 1’ developed in 1981. However the first true laptop was the ‘GRiD Compass 1101’, designed by Bill Moggridge in 1979-1980, and released in 1982. The ‘GRiD Compass 1101’ first introduced the now popular clamshell design. It had a 320 x 200 pixels plasma display and a 384 kibibyte bubble memory, and costed about $8,000 to $10,000. The ‘GRiD Compass 1101’ was used heavily by the US Military and by NASA on the Space Shuttle during the 1980s.


The first ‘luggable’ machine from Apple Computer was the 1989 Macintosh Portable which sported a clear matrix display and a long battery life among others.


A typical modern computer is capable of executing billions of instructions every second, and will nearly never make a mistake over years of operation.


The central processing unit (CPU) of a computer comprises it’s control unit, Arithmetic and Logic unit or ALU, registers, and basic input and output devices or I/O. Early CPUs were made up of separate components. However with the introduction of the first microprocessor (Intel 4004) and the first widely-used microprocessor (Intel 8080) in 1970, this class of CPUs has almost completely taken over all other CPU implementation methods.


In the event software is stored in hardware that cannot be easily modified, it is sometimes called ‘firmware’ to indicate it comes under a grey area somewhere between hardware and software.


Apple Computer’s Macintosh or Mac computer system derives it’s name from McIntosh, a popular type of apple. And, a computer scientist by the name Jef Raskin is credited with this nomenclature.


The term ‘booting’ or ‘bootstrapping’ a computer derives from the story of Baron Munchhausen who at one instance, pulled himself out of a swamp by the straps on his boots.


The term, ‘Bug’ as we know today refers to a fault in a computer program that prevents it from working correctly. The term is often but erroneously credited to Grace Hopper, who in 1946 after joining the Harvard Faculty at the Computation Laboratory traced an error in the Harvard Mark II to a moth trapped in a relay. The bug was instantly removed and taped to the log book.

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