18. February 2010

Hosted PBX: A Low cost VoIP Phone Solution

As you’ve heard of VOIP phone systems. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet protocol/Voice over IP. VoIP software is used to conduct telephone-like voice conversations across Internet Protocol (IP) based networks. For residential/small business markets, VoIP phone service is often cheaper than traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) service and can remove geographic restrictions to telephone numbers. For example you could have a New York phone number in London. This modern software and tools could helps you reduce overall your phone bills. Especially if you run from a small business with more than 10 employees, or even for a private business that run by yourself with no employee but need telephone communication activities frequently. Definitely you would save more money if you have to call either your business partners or colleagues or buyers in other cities nor abroad frequently.

What is Hosted PBX
Hosted PBX is a recent VoIP technology that does the following:

  1. Provides a sophisticated, custom telephone system.
  2. Eliminates the need to invest in expensive telephone equipment, installed in a localized area.
  3. The entire telephone system is handled and controlled by a VoIP service provider.
  4. This technology allows employees to be anywhere, while still being connected to the office’s telephone system.
  5. All standard telephone features can be provided, such as transfering calls, providing music while the caller is on hold, providing automated answering services that direct calls to various extensions.


A Vocalocity hosted PBX is an affordable, feature-rich, no-maintenance and a business VoIP phone solution that can be set up simpler in minutes. They help small businesses that need a customized, scalable business VoIP phone system with minimal start-up costs and overall reduced phone bills. Unlike expensive traditional systems, hosted PBX business VoIP phone solution ties together high quality voice services and features at an affordable price.
The price starting from $9.99 monthly and you could find the features including voice plans, phone number options, add on service prices which suit your scalable business need.
They claimed the VOIP solution drastically help reduces costs from 50-85% over traditional phone systems.

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