21. September 2007

The History of How data is Stored .

backup.jpgEver wondered how data are stored in your computer or tiny laptop. Day by day we hear about data storage device which have higher capacity to store data . The Blu Ray disc is the latest one in this buzz. I was just looking for some website which could give me the information on the history of data backup . I found this cool and informative website named The History Of Backup if you ever feel like knowing how all the data in your computer are stored and how it was used to be in the past you might also want to check this site as well.


A little brief of what i read in the site is below


Backup is the activity of copying files or databases, so that their additional copies may be restored in case of a data loss accident. Thus, we can emphasize first two aspects related to backup – storage media for data and depositories for backup media. Another important aspect is growing necessity in backup caused by development of computer technologies and data volumes expansion.In this article we will take a retrospective look at these aspects. We will examine why the need in backup appeared, expansion and development of backup, the most important events and trends in this sphere, and watch the evolution of data backup storage solutions and methods.____________________________________________________________The first computer backups were made onto big reels of magnetic tape, and even paper: punch cards and paper tape. In the next era, backups were mostly stored on floppy disks of various sizes. But today’s PCs don’t even have floppy drives, not to mention punch card processing devices. Backups are now written on CDs, hard drives, flash drives or via network. But some technologies, such as tape backup, still remain very popular and develop. Let’s take a closer look at the history of these devices and methods and try to correlate them with backup.

You can read rest of the information going to the website itself here

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1. Israel From UNITED STATES (UNITED STATES) Wrote on 23. September 2007 at 12:31 pm

thats funny because nowadays people dont even know what floppy disks are.

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