09. September 2007

A Technology site Review – technologygoal.com

I have found a relatively new blog named Technology Goal which has been started since july 2007 . At first glace it took some time to load the website but it was worth the wait time.

Being just launched this site already has 43 technorati authorities and ranks within top 200K sites according to Alexa. I enjoyed every posts from this site. It is all about technology . I am quite happy with the content but i have some suggestions regarding the site layout

1. It is aligned to left ( would be better if it is center aligned )

2. Too many ads ( those may not perform well for a starting blog )

3. Ads by google text links are long so that they are coming out from blog layout.

4. Too many people in blogcatalogue and mybloglog widgets ( the face sizes shall be little bigger )

5. Navigation buttons like “Home” ( which is most important ) is missing.

6. “About Us” page is emptly.

7. Instead of displaying alexa widget in every post it could be placed in sidebar


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