29. July 2007

Host your Website from your PC. (No need of any Hosting Provider) Completely Free

Those of you all reading this must be having a website/blog or may be wanting to make one. You may not be having good knowledge how to host a website. Here comes a very simple software which makes your PC a web host and the size limit is your hard disk size.

Thanks to this Pune startup company, now anyone with a personal computer (PC) and a broadband internet connection can directly host content on the world wide web (www) from their PC. Be it websites, photo albums or blogs. That too for free!
Infinishare Technologies, a provider of software products for internet and mobile access which has its development centre in the city, recently released the third version of their flagship suite of software products ‘Purplenova’. This easy-to-use version of the product, when installed on any internet-connected PC, allows users to web-host content by making content web-accessible with a uniform resource locator (URL) directly from where it resides, that is their own PC.

The technology is a sort of doit-yourself web-hosting solution for individual PC users and small offices. It also supports active content, web services and web applications.
Users can host any amount of content for either private or public access, the only limitation being the size of their hard disk. The content hosted using this software can also be accessed from a mobile phone, by entering the URL into any standard internet browser without needing any other additional software or plugin.
While publicly hosted content with it is searchable as it is picked-up by search engines, only such content which is explicitly selected for web-hosting becomes accessible to readers.
Traditionally, one needs a computer with a real internet protocol (IP) address to web-host content. But since a majority of computers at people’s homes or offices are behind routers or network address translation devices, they are unable to host content directly from where it resides, that is the user’s home or office computer, according to Anand Soman, the CEO and co-founder of Infinishare.
Therefore, most people depend on third-party hosting service providers, internet service providers or blog sites to host their content for a fee, which is usually upwards of Rs 5,000 per annum, depending on the space, email IDs and services taken. And to do that, they have to upload their content to the server of the hosting service provider.
“With our software, you do not have to upload any content as your content resides on your own machine. That puts the users in full control of their content,” said Milind Pandit, vice-president of business development and marketing of Infinishare.

It also enables users to keep their web-content fresh, as there are no hassles of uploading it every time they have to make changes, as the changes can be made on their own PCs, he said.
While the beta version is available for free on the company website (www.purplenova.com), any additional services like domain name pointing or technical services would cost the user. For instance, if you want a website to appear with only your name and do not want Purplenova mentioned in the URL hyperlink, then that would be a paid service.

Download the basic version for free at http://www.purplenova.com/

See a live example of a page i have made and hosted in my personal PC click here 


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1. Bryan@OneMan'sGoal.Com From UNITED STATES (UNITED STATES) Wrote on 30. July 2007 at 2:50 pm

What an awesome alternative to paid hosting!

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2. Navin From NEPAL (NEPAL) Wrote on 03. August 2007 at 5:46 pm

This alternate is working only when our PC is online. if our PC shuts down , we are offline. I don’t nkow how this purplenova is working, i’ll shortly try them and review them.

before,.. i used abyss web server at my home PC(VERY EASY TO SETUP), it needed WAMP(Windows Apache Mysql PHP) setup before i installed abyss web server. Since it can resolved only to , i wanted some other free DNS service to point vhosts to my computer’s content. I used no-ip.com , they gave me free vHosts which pointed to my machine and after little tweaks in abyss config files, i was all setup. I shared hellava contents with my friends, back then i was like a god ,i mean i was somewhat system administrator at that time, controlling my own website from my own machine. It felt so god. But the drawback?? i was on dial-up and my bandwidth was hit badly.
I invited people only when i was online.. i showed them a link(just like you did, and they were like waahhhhhh).. ha ha ha.. i still don’t have broadband and if i’m on stable system, with stable electricity and constant internet connection, i’ll surely host my own data at my home computer. I was so in love with that abyss web server(open source software) and no-ip.com. I haven’t forgotten them yet.

and the link is not working for sure.. ”
The page cannot be found”
sure enough you are offline and this is the drawback i ‘m talking about. 🙂

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3. hem From INDIA (INDIA) Wrote on 03. August 2007 at 8:06 pm

Yes Navin Of course your computer must be always on.. What i really like is you can put your computer on always like a server if u want to run a webserver from your PC. The way it makes your computer act like server is what i like and as you said you had to setup ( and it was a long process for the software u tried ) this one is really easy and doesn’t need any technical knowledge as long as u host basic html sites. I will surely give it a try to the software and tool u mentioned . the cool thing here with this software is that u can have your own domain and host it on your PC.
It is really useful when you want to host some sites just for an assignment at universities ( i had to host a site for a day or so when my teacher wanted to view it ) then after i never used that host space and domain and it cost me money. in this case it is really useful…

Anyways thanks for your detailed view

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4. Navin From NEPAL (NEPAL) Wrote on 04. August 2007 at 11:32 am

Thank you for your information too. Hem Sir

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5. Sapkota Pradeep From NEPAL (NEPAL) Wrote on 20. May 2010 at 5:02 am

This idea of making such type of webserver is a fake ideas. Normal person can never leave computer open & use expensive broadband internet.

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6. Banksy Art From UNITED KINGDOM (UNITED KINGDOM) Wrote on 20. April 2011 at 6:33 pm

Good instruction but i guess with free hosting platforms like wordpress and blogger this is pretty much obsolete now, or would you still recommend this?

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7. Alice L. From PHILIPPINES (PHILIPPINES) Wrote on 22. April 2011 at 7:22 am

I think this is not obsolete. These are always useful for newbies that is making their way around. This server can help.

Alice L.

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8. Philip From UNITED STATES (UNITED STATES) Wrote on 04. May 2011 at 5:24 am

I haven’t used purplenova before. Thanks for the link. I am looking for an easier way than I am using now. Way to much work and it’s always going down.

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9. Bill - lawn mower reviews not found Wrote on 10. May 2011 at 9:05 pm

Thanks for this article. I have been looking into doing this for a while now.
My only concern though is that your pc would need to be on 24/7 woudln’t it? And also if something happens to your pc, you would lose your site?

I’m still trying to work out if it is worth the $9 saving a month that I would pay to a host provider. These concerns are what have prevented me from trying this already.
All the best
Bill Jenkins
Webmaster, BestLawnMowerReviews.net

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10. Triathlon Training From AUSTRALIA (AUSTRALIA) Wrote on 25. May 2011 at 6:28 pm

Its meaningful and by some means sharing this to readers like me, can make me want to surf the web to be able to get extra fantastic ideas.

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