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30. April 2007

Programmers’ Poetry ..


29. April 2007

Which is the Longest domain name (blog name) in Blogspot ?

I had an idea of creating longest and unique domain name(subdomain or blog name ) in blospot. I gave a try to a…..z alphabets in the blog name but blogspot rejected it. but my Fren and Roommate Bhim Karki has come up with a great idea and successfully created a self proclaimed longest domain (subdomain ,blog name ) in blogspot . And i personally also think his blog’s domain is the longest one in blogspot . Though there is no such official remark as to his blog is the one having longest URL address ( blog name , domain name ) in blogspot. and i dont think remark will be made in this subject .But till date the longest Blog name or domain name or blogspot subdomain name is Bhim Karki owned blog THE LONGEST DOMAIN NAME IN BLOGSPOT ( ) . The longest domain name in the world is

The domain name is the name of the village of Welsh which is the longest name in Britain. This has 63 characters (70 including the and is the upper (old) part of the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. The ending “uchaf” is the welsh for “higher” or “upper”.

The village name was also used in the 1960’s cult film “Barbarella”(Jane Fonda) as the password for Dildano’s headquarters.

And the longest .com domain name in the world is similar to above and it is

28. April 2007

This is Most Human Like Robot…

Developed by Hanson Robotics, Jules is their latest humanoid creation, which made its official debut at NextFest 2006. Have a look at Video.

This one has camera eyes that can track human faces, can recognize speech, and is loaded with “conversational persona” software that gives him an uncanny realism. But this is just the beginning. Jules describes himself as “a baby”.


via TechEBlog

How cool are These phones ( Future mobiles ? )…..


27. April 2007

Brilliant Ad Campaign


What is the highest Internet speed till date?

A group of researchers led by the University of Tokyo has broken Internet speed records — twice in two days. Operators of the high-speed Internet2 network announced Tuesday that the researchers on Dec. 30 sent data at 7.67 gigabits per second, using standard communications protocols.

The next day, using modified protocols, the team broke the record again by sending data over the same 20,000-mile path at 9.08 Gbps.

That likely represents the current network’s final record because rules require a 10 percent improvement for recognition, a percentage that would bring the next record right at the Internet2’s current theoretical limit of 10 Gbps.

However, the Internet2 consortium is planning to build a new network with a capacity of 100 Gbps. With the 10-fold increase, a high-quality version of the movie “The Matrix” could be sent in a few seconds rather than half a minute over the current Internet2 and two days over a typical home broadband line.

Researchers used the newer Internet addressing system, called IPv6, to break the records in December. Data started in Tokyo and went to Chicago, Amsterdam and Seattle before returning to Tokyo. The previous high of 6.96 Gbps was set in November 2005.

Speed records under the older addressing system, IPv4, are in a separate category and stand at 8.8 Gbps, set in February 2006.

The Internet2 is run by a consortium of more than 200 U.S. university. It is currently working to merge with another ultrahigh-speed, next-generation network, National LambdaRail.

The announcement of the new record was made at the Internet2 consortium’s spring meeting, which ends Wednesday in Arlington, Va.

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