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19. September 2011

Latching Relays

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Latching relays are also called “keep”, “impulse” or “stay” relays. It has two relaxed states – bistable.  It is bistable because when current is switched off, it remains in its last state. This can be achieve by two methods.

1. A solenoid operating a ratchet and cam mechanism.: The first pulse to the coil turns the relay on and the second pulse turns it off

2. By having two opposing coils with an over-center spring or permanent magnet to hold the armature and contacts in position while the coil is relaxed : a pulse to one coil turns the relay on and a pulse to the opposite coil turns the relay off. This type of relay has the advantage that one coil consumes power only for an instant, while it is being switched, and the relay contacts retain this setting across a power outage.

Latching relays are widely used because conventional relays need constant supply of voltage or power but latching relays dont.

Latching relays are not always that easy to find . You may find them in ebay but this ( )online site exclusively deals with latching relays products. I found it very useful

18. February 2010

Hosted PBX: A Low cost VoIP Phone Solution

As you’ve heard of VOIP phone systems. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet protocol/Voice over IP. VoIP software is used to conduct telephone-like voice conversations across Internet Protocol (IP) based networks. For residential/small business markets, VoIP phone service is often cheaper than traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) service and can remove geographic restrictions to telephone numbers. For example you could have a New York phone number in London. This modern software and tools could helps you reduce overall your phone bills. Especially if you run from a small business with more than 10 employees, or even for a private business that run by yourself with no employee but need telephone communication activities frequently. Definitely you would save more money if you have to call either your business partners or colleagues or buyers in other cities nor abroad frequently.

What is Hosted PBX
Hosted PBX is a recent VoIP technology that does the following:

  1. Provides a sophisticated, custom telephone system.
  2. Eliminates the need to invest in expensive telephone equipment, installed in a localized area.
  3. The entire telephone system is handled and controlled by a VoIP service provider.
  4. This technology allows employees to be anywhere, while still being connected to the office’s telephone system.
  5. All standard telephone features can be provided, such as transfering calls, providing music while the caller is on hold, providing automated answering services that direct calls to various extensions.


A Vocalocity hosted PBX is an affordable, feature-rich, no-maintenance and a business VoIP phone solution that can be set up simpler in minutes. They help small businesses that need a customized, scalable business VoIP phone system with minimal start-up costs and overall reduced phone bills. Unlike expensive traditional systems, hosted PBX business VoIP phone solution ties together high quality voice services and features at an affordable price.
The price starting from $9.99 monthly and you could find the features including voice plans, phone number options, add on service prices which suit your scalable business need.
They claimed the VOIP solution drastically help reduces costs from 50-85% over traditional phone systems.

16. February 2010

GPS Tracking !!

For those who aren’t aware, GPS tracking is usually defined as a process whereby the precise location of any being or vehicle can be tracked. The tracking system can be made possible from anywhere across the globe.

In the contemporary times, when the whole world seems to have taken a resolution to go green, GPS tracking devices have truly lend a helping hand. It not only reduces the emissions but at the same time helps in keeping our environment clean. Besides this, people are taking different initiatives all over the world. The Massachusetts officials in Boston are busy implementing an anti-idling program for all the buses across the nation. They even recognize something as School Bus Safety Week.

The interesting facts never cease to exist when it comes to knowing how the GPS tracking devices help us in going green. Here are some that may catch your interest as well:

nullGPS tracking devices helps in creating better tracking systems for safety purposes. For instance, a GPS tracking system that is implemented to track the regular routine of a school bus and its regular circuits will help us use our natural resources responsibly. In case any emergency arises, assistance can be sent out immediately as the location is easily figured by the authorities responsible for the tracking system.

Fleet management also becomes easy with GPS tracking systems. The complex and large fleet operators differ in their requirements from the small sized fleets. Therefore, it makes sense to use GPS fleet management technology. By logging into any GPS tracking system, you will get real-time visibility into the performance of the location and will easily manage the condition of the mobile assets with the aid of telematic technology. At the same time, find out what makes the LandAirSea’s vehicle tracking software even better:

Google Earth satellite map – This helps in accurate display of the driving path and at the same time stops on any satellite image.

Digital street map – If you want a historical and moment-by-moment display, then digital street map will be the perfect option for you. The detailed information as to where your vehicle travelled throughout the day will be shown with the help of animated tools.

Text activity report – Tracking was never so easy without this daily summary report. Every detail including the starting address, time en route, time of departure, number of miles traveled altogether can be easily tracked down.

All of the GPS tracking devices are not equal. When you purchase any unit, make sure you compare it over the following criteria: sensitivity, accuracy, power sources, sampling point’s frequency, reliability, and last but not the least, the software that is responsible for converting the data into an easy-to-understand format.

We are all aware of our conscious levels regarding the safety of our dear ones. LandAirSea’s has the best line-up of tracking system that can be tailored accordingly to meet any need. With compact tracking units, LandAirSea assures you of achieving your business fleet objectives in the easiest way possible.

Need Canon Ink Cartridge ?

When you buy a new printer, you always needs to be carefully about what brand to choose. Of course the price of the printer and the reputation of the brand will play an important role on you decision but you need to keep in mind also what you are going to do after you OEM printer Ink Cartridge or tonner has gone…If you are going to buy a new OEM printer ink cartridge or tonner, or you are going to switch to remanufactured and generic ones.

Today, cost reduction is all around. In every sector, in every industry, in every office and even in every home. Everyone want to save money, specially in this type of spend category. No matter if it’s for business purposes or for home using (we love to print those vacations shots on photographic specials papers!)

Sure, you can shop free over the physical stores or over the internet for printer Ink Cartridges but before you do so, study the brand of the product you are buying. Choosing a bad brand can damage your equipement and the possibility to reduce costs can cost you a lot of money!

In you are going to find one of the best selections on printer and fax ink cartridges and tonner from all the internet. From original OEM cartridges to generic and remanufactured brands, with high quality (of the ink in printing and capturing exact colors), easily online ordering, excellent customer service, promotions of free and fast shipping and satisfaction guaranteed.

Anyone with a computer in their home or office probably has a printer attached to it somewhere. These printers allow us to take information that we need or like off the Internet and keep or share it with other people. The one downside to owning a printer is that the ink cartridges for them are often found to be rather expensive. This is true for just about every brand of printer on the market. This has caused many people to turn to the Internet to find website that will allow them to buy ink cartridges cheaper. One of these websites is, where they offer ink cartridges for all the leading printer brands.

One brand of ink cartridges that are offered is Canon. When you visit the website you will be able to see all the different types of Canon ink cartridges that are available. The ink cartridges that are available are all high quality and are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. By using the Internet to buy your ink cartridges you will also save gas and time of having to go to a store to find the ink cartridge your printer needs. When you order $50.00 or more from, they will ship your order to your front door for free. There is no guesswork needed because ordering from their user friendly catalog is easy. So the next time you need ink cartridges, give a look for a cheaper alternative to your ink cartridge needs.

17. December 2009

Medical alert system – Business plan

I have been thinking of creating a business plan. An idea struck my mind today and its about developing a medical alert system for old people when suddenly something happens to them and they are not even in a condition to call someone . Old people are getting more and more independent because of numerous reasons. And because of sudden problems they generally get because of the old age its impractical to always be monitored. I was thinking of developing a device for such elderly people so that whenever they feel emergency help they could get connected to 24*7 helpline and get immediate help. Also suddenly when they fall down because of  some stroke or anything and are unconscious even to call or press buttons in device the device should automatically send alert signal to the helpline number.

I searched about this kind of device and system if it already existed . And yes to my surprise it does. 🙁 . Its a very good system and they have done it well.. exactly the way i had the plan in my mind. The company name is Brick House Alert . Their specialization is in Medical Alert system.

About the company

The ONLY Medical Alert Provider to offer Fall Detection! Wearing this device during any sudden fall will send an alert. So in the event you cannot push the emergency button, help is on the way. BrickHouse Alert Home is the only PERS systems that give you complete protection, 24/7, no matter where you are in the world. With the press of a button you are connected to live help, instantly, when and where you need it.

These products were created to serve and protect our active over 50 crowd who prefer to keep their independence but desire that extra helping hand, just in case. Created by security experts with years of experience helping law enforcement and government agencies,
This product features the newest technology in alert technology and includes the best features available to aid and protect. A veteran in the safety and security industry, BrickHouse Security only offers the most dependable, reliable products to help protect you and your family.

16. December 2009

Fleet management – what it is?

Let me give you guys a background here. Now that i am an MBA student there are numerous management stuff i have been going through and today i found an interesting management field called Fleet management . Going deeper in knowing about this i have gotten some information which made my concepts clear about this new field of management – Fleet management. The information below about fleet management has been taken from this site

Fleet management, also known as fleet maintenance, is a standard of procedure, with a goal to keep a company or agency’s multiple vehicles and their operators in top-running condition. One of the highest costs of doing business is labor, followed closely by mobile assets including cars, vans, trucks, even boats and airplanes. Fleet management also covers large, moveable equipment related to the operation of the organization.

The primary objective of fleet management is twofold:

  • Establish close monitoring by home base of drivers in the field, for the most efficient and effective delivery of goods and services.
  • Control the costs of operating and maintaining vehicles and equipment, to retain their values and extend their useful lives.

Fleet management is about establishing the best possible level of control over an inconsistent environment, where factors such as weather, traffic, breakdown, customer demand and availability of manpower and equipment can change from day to day or hour to hour.

How GPS Tracking Helps Fleet Management

GPS tracking is the preferred and most up-to-date method of fleet management. GPS tracking systems, which use U.S. Department of Defense satellites for location and navigation, are accurate and reliable and greatly reduce incidents of human error.

By a mathematical formula called triangulation, the GPS tracking receiver will find its location, usually within a few feet of accuracy. Incremental position updates are made every few seconds or minutes.

The data collected includes:

  • Day and time
  • Directional heading
  • Latitude and longitude (or street address)
  • Duration of stops
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Miles logged

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